It’s easy to think that advertising is as easy as dumping money into Internet ads and watching your business take off. Well, if it were that easy, there wouldn’t be any need for an advertising agency or support. 

But the advertising world isn’t as clean cut as that, and so, it’s necessary to monitor your advertising progress and analyze how your campaign is working for you. And Searchalytics has the perfect tool for you – Advertising Intelligence and Advanced Reporting. 

The basis of advertising intelligence is the centralization of advertising information. Previously, you’d have to monitor your advertising for each company separately. But with the advertising intelligence tool – all of your ad spend is monitored and tracked in one location. This epicenter of advertising analytics is a great way to easily see your numbers in one spot, instead of tracking down numbers from multiple locations and having to compile information yourself.

This is an example of the advertising intelligence dashboard that customers will see when signing up for the program. As you can see, this is monitoring the AdWords Account of this business. You can see your general metrics, like impressions and clicks, and also more complex metrics like Cost Per Click and Click Through Rate – all important metrics for determining how your campaign is going. 

This is what you get with the free Advertising Intelligence tool – and it is a great start for understanding how to manage and expand upon your business’ advertising plans. However, there’s an even better option for people who are SERIOUS about growing their business. It’s called Advanced Reporting, and it’s advertising intelligence with significantly more features.

So, why advanced reporting? Here’s an infographic to sum it up:

With advanced reporting, you get the most information about your campaign, including what needs to be done to improve it and what has been working right. The ability to customize date ranges and find trends is a great way to map out your digital marketing strategy by seeing when and if your campaign is truly producing like you want it to. 

When you sign up for advertising intelligence with us, you truly have all of the tools of a major marketing platform at your fingertips. You can keep information for your ad campaign in one place and determine how to move forward. Advertising Intelligence and Advanced Reporting are the tools that can help your business one step closer to growth!

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