Google My Business (GMB) is a tool provided by Google that provides a platform to display a business’ information in response to a Google search related to it. 
In a way, Google My Business is basically just a business listing like you would see on a site like Yelp or Angie’s List. But unlike those independent websites, Google My Business listings are programmed to show up as a result of Google searches. Within a Google My Business listing, a business can present lots of different pieces of information. A business can include their address, relevant photos, contact information like phone numbers and emails, links to their website, and even a recommendations section run by Google itself (which we’ll talk about more later).

GMB Powers the GKG

GMB is also incredibly detailed and can put out your businesses information in more than one place. It’s basically one tool that covers several portions of Google’s business interface.

Arguably, the most important one is the Google Knowledge Graph (GKG). The Google Knowledge graph is an incredibly detailed “box” of information that shows up when someone makes a search about your business. This is the information hub on the right-hand side of your screen when you make a search related to your business. 

This is where most of the important information that consumers need is located. Here is where you’ll find that address, website links, contact information, and the recommendations hub that I mentioned earlier. This hub is super important, as it gives an easy way for consumers to see relevant recommendations and gives YOU an opportunity to respond to negative (or positive) ones with explanations (or thanks!).

GMB Powers the Local Pack

Another important place that your GMB info will show up in is the Google Local Pack. The local pack is the list of businesses that show up as a result of general service searches within a specific area. Like when you can’t figure out what to eat and so you say “Chinese food in Ocala, FL”, the three businesses that initially show up, and the subsequent options, are the Local Pack. It’s a great way to attract more business, specifically consumers that are already looking for a product that you sell!

GMB Powers Google Maps

Another one is your Google Maps listing. This is an important result, since Google Maps is arguably one of Google’s most important and most used applications. This is a gold mine for local search, since most people who use Google Maps in your area are, well, from your area. 

Optimized GMB = More Revenue

"By using your Google My Business, you increase your local search efficiency. People searching locally will have much more difficulty finding your business if your GMB isn’t up to date. "

People who search locally, or have their location accessible by Google, can come across your business’ GMB listings (especially the Local Pack and Google Maps listings) by even the most generic of searches if you have your listing accurate and up to date.

Google has seen the GMB’s popularity and, being Google, have even added more features to the GMB to make your business thrive (and give Google a boost, too). Things like being able to post promotions, respond to questions in a Q&A style, and manage reviews have given businesses the ability to go beyond simply providing information and dig into the reputation management and reviews marketing sectors as well.

We can help optimize your Google My Business listing to make sure you’re getting the most out of this amazing tool. Your business can use GMB to grow bigger than ever before and have a stronger digital presence than you can imagine, all without having to revamp or renovate your website!

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