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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, and PPC (Pay Per Click) are loosely synonymous; referring to paid advertising. Efficient advertising spend can provide a major advantage over competition and produce excellent growth.

We’ve spent millions advertising on platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Youtube, FaceBook, Instagram, and Amazon. We are experts in all channels including search, shopping, social, display, and video advertising. With the proper strategy and extreme attention to detail, we’ll help your business show for the right future customers at the right time for the best possible cost per click.

Every industry, company, and website are different. Each digital strategy primarily depends on the direction of the business and we’d love to talk shop about which digital marketing platforms are right for you.

Key Segments of Digital Marketing with Searchalytics

Advertising Account Audit

If you have existing advertising, we’ll begin with an audit checking Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, or anything else running.

Competitor Analysis

Taking a look at the auction insights and other tools, we’ll gain a good understanding of top competition. The difference is in the details.

Keyword Research & Planning

With keyword data from an existing account or other tools, we’ll prioritize keywords to attack and others to avoid.

Account Structure

Setting up the accounts for success, we’ll optimize for improved performance, specifically focused on quality score to earn the highest average position with the lowest possible cost per click.

Account Work

Ad copy, bids, bid modifications, ad extensions, negative keywords, and all of the dirty work that results in an optimized account.

Long-Term Evaluation & Optimization

The account work never ends! Whether competition makes a strategy change or Google launches a new feature, digital marketing never stops. Partner with Searchalytics to build and maintain a competitive advantage.

Website Design Pricing

The One Pager

Simple site with the just the essentials.


Site redesign with your exisiting content.

Fresh Start

A brand new site with all new content creation.


A new site with custom requirements.

turn searches into sales

Digital Advertising

Creative and Content

Brand Strategy

Web Design

Search Optimization


Technical Analysis and Consulting