As a small business owner, you’re tasked with an insane amount of things to accomplish on a daily basis. Most owners will run a store front, manage employees, try to attract new customers, be in meetings, answer emails, and so much more. It can be exhausting! And as a result, maintaining a social media presence is frequently put on the back burner.

However, your social media presence can do more for you than you know! The audience you receive on social media are the clients of tomorrow, and investing in social media is like investing in a brand new client base! You aren’t bound by the physical limitations of a traditional storefront, and you can interact with clients who didn’t even know your business existed! Searchalytics has a tool to make the social media aspect of your business easier – the Social Marketing tool. Here’s how to use it!

This is the dashboard – the main place where you will see the interactions with your social media presence. After linking your accounts, this dashboard will give you access to everything you can use in the Social Marketing tool. 

This is where you can Schedule Posts, which is a great tool for busy business people who don’t have time to frequently check their social media accounts. You can also view your top posts to see what exactly your clients are interacting with. And in the dashboard, you can also check your customer posts to see what clients are saying about you and your business!

You can check out all of your most recent posts in this area, which is perfect for monitoring successes and failures within your social posts. You can check posts from all of your socials on one dashboard – an incredibly helpful tool to ensure that duplicate content is managed so that you didn’t miss any platforms when making announcements or doing promotions. You can monitor a social media calendar to have a good understanding of when your posts will be posted and guarantee that you will spread them out or post as frequently as possible. 

The Social Marketing tool does more than just let you create on social media, it gives you an analytics portal to decode and understand how many people are actually seeing your social posts. We don’t always know if people are able to see our posts at all – so the analytics page is an awesome tool that gives numerical information for understanding where people are seeing your posts. Find out what platforms generate the most leads, understand what posts are doing better, and manage your performance, all with one tool!

Social media management is now easier and more doable than ever. Searchalytics’ Social Marketing tool is the best way to ensure that your social media posts and content are making money and leads for your business! It’s the hands on tool for social media, perfect for a hands off business!

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