One of the ways that people can get the word about their business is something that lots of people don’t even think of when they think “marketing”. It’s their business listing presence, and it is an ever-growing part of your business that needs to be managed and controlled to guarantee that you’re using them to your advantage. Searchalytics has a tool for you to manage these listings and make them grow! It’s called Listing Builder, and it may be the next big step in growing your online presence!

The Listing Builder is a one stop dashboard that will manage your entire listing presence, and understand just how you will grow using listing building. This tool helps get you seen in more places across the Internet!

The first major benefit of having the Listing Builder tool is the monitoring of your Google My Business analytics. As we’ve learned and studied, Google My Business is the biggest listing provider in the world, and is the most important listing for every small business. So, it’s importance is unrivaled! Being able to monitor analytics and see how people are interacting with your GMB listing is important – as it will give you a better understanding of what needs to be fixed on your site, or if the photos and reviews aren’t driving people to make any further interactions.

Within the same tool, you can manage exactly what your listings will look like. Having accurate information and ensuring that you actually have a central listing to build from are important, and the listing builder tool guarantees that you will have both of those! Having “your listing” within the dashboard makes sure that there is consistency across listings (there are so many of them!) and lowers the need to manage each listing individually, a process that could require hiring an entirely new person! .

The next portion available is the listing distribution portion – a dashboard that deals with everything about the propagation of your listings. Essentially, the listings world works like a big web, where listings sites crawl and gather information from other listings sites. This is propagation, and it’s important to make sure that you monitor the accuracy of information across major listing sites to ensure that when they propagate, they are giving accurate information! 

The ensuring of accurate info can help your SEO ranking for your site as well giving potential customers more confidence in your business. 73% of consumers lose trust in a brand when an online listing shows incorrect information, so it’s a necessary tool to utilize for business growth!

The final portion of the listing builder tool that can really make a difference is the listing sync section! The listing sync section helps you create and manage listings all in one location – a great way to ensure that all of your company’s listings are accurate and that you’re using as many as you possibly can. The sync makes sure that you’re properly synced across accounts and that the information consistency is not only there, but being used to grow your listings! 

The listings builder tool is the most standard and helpful tool for making that not only are you using the business listing reviews available to you, but that you’re using them in the most efficient way possible (without errors too)!

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