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Logo Design

The written word is still a primary form of communication, even on the web, which has a huge impact on the success of your website and the perception of your brand. Content has the power to sell a product, educate benefits of a service, and influence visitors.

Our Work

The Logo Design Process

Step 1: Initial Concepts

The discovery discussion leads to an intial set of logo concepts, which could last a few rounds.

Step 2: Adding Color

The excitement begins to set-in as your brand's colors are added to the design.

Step 3: Website Mockups

Seeing a mockup of the logo on your website helps the process become real.

Step 4: Advanced Concepts

Sometimes we will run with an idea and provide some advanced concepts based on your feedback.

Step 5: Branding and Colors

Featuring the main colors we discuss, we will provide different images perfect for certain situations.

Step 6: Final Concepts and Delivery

Once the final concept is agreed upon, we will provide the full logo family in all necessary file types.