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Transforming Stryker Trailers: A Shopify Success Story

Brand Introduction:

At Stryker Dealership Group, we’re passionate about providing top-quality trailers to our customers. Our commitment to excellence and safety ensures that each trailer we offer is thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to meet the highest standards. From flatbeds to dump trailers, we strive to deliver reliability and quality with every purchase.

Project Overview:

Our partnership with Stryker Trailers Dealership Group involved a dynamic website redesign and migration from BigCommerce to Shopify. This transformation aimed to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and showcase the exceptional trailers offered by Stryker.

Migration from BigCommerce to Shopify: Embracing Efficiency and Flexibility

In our quest to enhance user experience and streamline operations, we made the bold decision to migrate our website from BigCommerce to Shopify. Why? Because Shopify offers a more cost-effective solution with a plethora of features, including faceted navigation, and a wider array of app options. This move empowers Stryker to better serve their customers while optimizing their backend processes.

  1. Custom Build-a-Trailer Functionality: Tailoring the Experience – Empowered customers with an intuitive build-a-trailer feature, leveraging Shopify’s product options and variants.
  2. Streamlined Quote Management: Simplifying the Process – Implemented a quote management app for quick and accurate pricing, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
  3. Custom Integrations for Enhanced Operations: Connecting the Dots – Seamlessly integrated inventory and sales management systems to optimize performance.
  4. Strategic Integrations for Growth: Expanding Horizons – Integrated with HubSpot and finance platforms to fuel growth and provide personalized financing options.
  5. Digital Marketing: Amplifying Our Reach – Deployed comprehensive digital marketing strategies, from SEO to targeted advertising, to enhance visibility and engagement.


The collaboration between Stryker Trailers and our Marketing & Design firm resulted in a seamless transition to Shopify, elevating the online presence and user experience. By leveraging innovative functionalities and strategic integrations, we’ve set the stage for continued success in delivering top-quality trailers to customers.

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Visit the revamped website at StrykerTrailers.com and experience the difference firsthand. Quality trailers await!

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