The local business scene is the life blood of any city’s economic and cultural scene. But as it is with any business venture, small local businesses have challenges that they must overcome to keep afloat in a business world dominated by a host of magnate companies like Amazon or Facebook. And yet, we tend to look to small business first when we want to solve a problem or need something. So, here are the best things you can do to support your local businesses!


The easiest way to support a local business is simply to do your part and shop! There are tons of local businesses that I bet you don’t even know exist – so do your research! Almost everything you buy from a big company, from equipment to a cheeseburger, is done better or cheaper by a local business. 

It can be easy to support the big guys, they dominate the markets for a reason! They have ad space and resources to draw in more and more business. But by taking the extra step to do research and instead support a local business, you’ll be doing your job in supporting the local economy and keeping jobs alive and well.

Leave a Review

According to Forbes, 88% of consumers look at some kind of review before making a purchase on a product. We’ve all done it! It’s the most foolproof way to find out more information about a product or service. Honest and well-written reviews have a direct impact on revenue for local businesses, especially those that operate with a strong online presence. 

Make sure to find a good space to leave a review. Having a strong review presence is one thing, but having an optimized review presence is another! Leave results on places where people check reviews most frequently. The Google My Business listing (pictured below) is a great place to leave reviews, since it has benefits for how many people make direct interaction with a Google search. Leaving reviews in places like Facebook or on Amazon comment threads (if available) are also a great way for people to see your positive experience and invest in one of their own.

Make A Post

From a utilitarian perspective, making social media posts may be the most effective way to support a local business. When you post on social media about a positive local business experience, you are sacrificing nothing, and yet the small business you are supporting receives a myriad of benefits. 

People take recommendations very seriously! By seeing that you’re taking the time to make a post about a business, people will assume that you had an amazing time there and may go and do some research about it themselves. This is great for local businesses, as some search queries for general services can be dominated by ads or higher ranked sites. When you share, people see one business and one business only! It’s the best way to spread the word while doing what you were already doing anyways, scrolling through social media!

Local businesses are a group effort – we must do our part to keep them alive in troubling times! It truly takes a village. By doing these simple things, you can help maintain your cities economic and cultural development thriving, all with a few simple words!

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