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Search engine optimization plays an extremely important role in the website’s job of earning quality traffic. It’s not simply a behind-the-scenes work. Good SEO requires a collaborative effort of user experience on all devices, a fast page loading speed, structured data, and much more.

Keyword research provides a solid foundation for the landing pages necessary to drive business and meta tags remain extremely important. The content of the page must solve the searcher’s query in the most effective and impactful way.

The technical side of SEO is simply setting up the website for success by pointing crawlers in the right direction, allowing the right pages to be indexed, and helping search engines understand the content. Technical SEO requires meticulous detail because a small mistake can create mayhem for a search engine which results in negatively impacting revenue/traffic.

Key Segements of SEO with Searchalytics

Technical SEO Audit

If you have an existing site, we’ll begin with an audit checking the state of canonicals, sitemap, status codes, meta directives, etc. This is actually fun to us!

Keyword Analysis

Targeting the correct keywords and queries provides a great foundation for the site and typically includes some low hanging fruit.

Content Roadmap

Based on keyword research, we will establish priority for new landing pages or blog posts based on projected impact on revenue/traffic.

Reporting & Analysis

We report progress based on key performance indicators we establish during the on-boarding phase.

Coaching as Desired

If you don’t want long-term support but want to bounce an idea off of us, need assistance with a migration, or to have us teach someone SEO; we will help!

Long-Term Evaluation & Optimization

Evaluating and optimizing SEO is an on-going process as search engines, competitors, search results pages, and search verticals are constantly in a state of change. As a partner, we’ll handle this for you.

Website Design Pricing

The One Pager

Simple site with the just the essentials.


Site redesign with your exisiting content.

Fresh Start

A brand new site with all new content creation.


A new site with custom requirements.

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