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Content Writing

The written word is still a primary form of communication, even on the web, which has a huge impact on the success of your website and the perception of your brand. Content has the power to sell a product, educate benefits of a service, and influence visitors.

Content is not limited to words! Content can be a video, graphic, image, and anything else that communicates the message to a consumer. Providing the right content which solves the searcher’s intent is imperative. It is efficient and respectful of the visitor’s time, and results in a good moment with your brand.

Thorough keyword research is necessary to provide a prioritized content roadmap. With SEO in mind, creative and well-written unique content can make a great impact on your business!

Key Segments of Content with Searchalytics

Content Audit

For existing content, we’ll begin with an audit to gauge the size of the project. Using analytics and learning more about the business through discovery discussions, we’ll begin to prioritize work based on impact to the business.

Keyword Research & Content Roadmap

SEO and content work closely together to establish a content roadmap through query/keyword analysis. The plan can help create a perfect site architecture, blog posts, and on-site content.

Professional Writing

Writing is a skill that requires talent, practice, and technical structure. It also needs to represent your brand in the proper tone, using correct jargon but in a way that is easy to understand. Content is prioritized and optimized to guide the reader to the individual page’s call to action.

Evaluation, Optimization

Evaluating the performance of content can take some time depending on the size of a website. Tweaking the design or re-writing a title could help boost organic rankings. The optimization of content is a never-ending battle but can be extremely fruitful for the business.

Content Writing Pricing

The One Pager

Simple site with the just the essentials.


Site redesign with your exisiting content.

Fresh Start

A brand new site with all new content creation.


A new site with custom requirements.

turn searches into sales

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Brand Strategy

Web Design

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