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Matching your business’ growth goals with key performance indicators is paramount to our collective success.

Every possible action that can drive new business is tracked and showcased below. Contact your rep (see below) if you have any questions about metrics or more growth.  

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Searchalytics.co - Digital Agency Serving Ocala, FL & the Nation

This report showcases all interactions that occur with your Google My Business listing. Note that the Google My Business report is not a reflection of all website visits, phone calls, etc.

Continuing to drive more engagement is a key for overall business success. We will continually work together to drive new reviews, respond to reviews, add new images, update business hours and more to maximize new potential business.

Searchalytics.co - Digital Agency Serving Ocala, FL & the Nation

Google Analytics data includes all data for the website, including how visitors interact with the website, where they came from, and more. This data does not include all of the information tracked by Google My Business and should be viewed mostly as additional data/information about your web traffic.

Users = Number of people that visited the website.

Sessions = Number of times people visited the website. (Sessions are always higher because people can visit the website more than 1 time.)

Searchalytics.co - Digital Agency Serving Ocala, FL & the Nation

The Keyword Rank Tracking report tracks the growth in where your site ranks for tracked keywords.

Starting Position = Where your site ranked for each keyword when we began tracking.

Current Position = Where your site ranks most recently for each keyword.

Difference = The change in positions gained or lost from when we started tracking to current.

Searchalytics.co - Digital Agency Serving Ocala, FL & the Nation

The Organic Social report shows engagement of all social posts on the Facebook platform. 

The reach list shows the location of individuals who see the ad. 

Social media remains key for most businesses that want to beat competitors online. Social presence and continued engagement, including posts, reviews and new media, present your company as an actively thriving business.

Searchalytics.co - Digital Agency Serving Ocala, FL & the Nation

The Social Ads report shows all of the important information tracked within Facebook Business Manager. This data includes Instagram ads information as well. 

Frequency is a key target to show your ad to individuals more than once on average. 

What’s counted in “actions”? An action is activity that happens on your ad (for example, someone watches your video ad) or as a result of your ad (someone views your ad and then downloads an app). Actions that occur on your ad may include link clicks, outbound clicks, post engagement, video views and more.

Thirsty for More?

Does your business have room to grow? Searchalytics can help! In addition to our Local SEO service, we also offer digital advertising (Google & Bing ads), social advertising (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), YouTube advertising and more. Contact your rep to learn more. 

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Carissa is the Regional Marketing Consultant at Searchalytics. 

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