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Digital Marketing KPIs for Electrician Companies

Published December 17, 2021

Digital Marketing KPIs for Electrician Companies: Metrics that Matter

Digital Marketing

It’s all about increasing your bottom line. Digital marketing agencies help grow your business, so you’ll want to make sure the agency you choose can help achieve your revenue goals. But just how do you know your agency has your best interests at heart and can really get the job done? There are two major things you can look for, including proven success in industries similar to yours and steps the agency takes to ensure this success. 

At Searchalytics, we work with small businesses around the country to help them succeed in their local markets. Though we work with a number of industries, we only have one client per industry in each market, which gives us a competitive advantage on digital platforms like Google. Because we work with the same industry in multiple markets across the country, we know what works and have proven ourselves time and time again. Our experts can do this for your business, too. Find out how does our team does it and get to know the steps we take to measure success. 

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From search engine optimization (SEO) to digital advertising and even social media, our team can positively impact your bottom line. 

Also known as SEO, search engine optimization is the process of improving the appearance and positioning of your website, and its pages, in organic search results in search engines like Google. When you search for something on Google, your query returns a list of results. The higher you rank within these results, meaning the higher you are to the top of the first page, the more likely it is that potential customers will click the link and visit your website. Keep in mind that SEO is for organic, or unpaid, rankings only. 

It can take time to build organic rankings, so keep this in mind. An analogy we like to use is that organic rankings are like apple farms: with organic rankings, we till the land, plant the seeds, water and care for the plants as they grow, and eventually they produce apples that we pick from the trees. The whole organic ranking process is closely monitored by our SEO experts, and to produce measurable results there are a number of SEO tactics that our experts use, both on your company’s website as well as in your company’s Google My Business listing.

Google My Business and Website Metrics

For us, it’s all about revenue and profitability. To be successful, we look at several important metrics including interactions, phone calls, direction requests, chats, Q&A and reviews. We also look at ‘conversions,’ but keep in mind that this can mean different things depending on the goals you have for your company. 

In order to gather meaningful information from these metrics, we first need to ensure that both your Google My Business listing and your website are at the top of their game. 

For your website, we’ll make sure it includes information that both customers and search engines find useful, including consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) in all locations throughout the website. We’ll also ensure it has specific pages for each location or market in which you provide service, as well as a specific page for each service and/or product that you provide. For example, if you provide electrician services for new construction, home remodels, electrical updates or repair, new outlets and other electrical needs, each one of these will need a page on your site. Your site should also have CTAs, or Calls to Action, which can be a button users can click to call your business, forms to fill out, email subscribe buttons, and a successful checkout process for any products you may sell. Your site can also have a way for customers to request estimates or book appointments. If your website is missing any of these elements, our team will work to create them. 

Plumbing Services listed on website

Some of the services offered by Miller and Sons Plumbing, Inc., Ocala, FL.

As a local electrician business, you should also have a Google My Business listing. This is the result that Google makes available to users who search for your business via Google. It shows details like your business name, physical location, contact info, reviews and more. If your business has this listing, we’ll make sure it’s continually optimized for these things. If you don’t yet have a Google My Business listing, we’ll create one on your behalf.

Plumbing Google My Business Profile

Once your website and Google My Business listing are set up and optimized for users and search engines, we use the following metrics to make sure that the traffic you’re receiving is the RIGHT traffic, meaning that the people coming to your site or landing on your Google My Business listing are users who are more likely to schedule a service with your electrical service company.

Google My Business

Website Conversions

While technically tracked as interactions, we broke this one out to its own section because conversions can be different for everyone, depending on your goals. For example, if users can make a purchase on your site, you can track the completed purchase as a conversion. This is the most common type of conversion for eCommerce. However, as local electrician companies are primarily service based, you may want to track the number of appointments scheduled online. Each time a customer successfully schedules an appointment with you, it counts as a conversion. A conversion can essentially be ANY action taken on the website. Here are a few examples commonly used by local electrician companies:

Plumbing Company Contact Form

Secondary Metrics

Optimizing your site and Google My Business listing for the metrics above will lead to more and more of the right traffic to your business. There are a few other things we track, however, that will tell us where continuous improvements can be made.

Our monthly report provides details on all of these metrics so you can see successes as well as areas that can be improved upon. For us, it’s all about accountability. 

Searchalytics Plumbing SEO Reporting
Searchalytics Plumbing SEO Reporting

Digital advertising consists of the paid side of search engine rankings. Going back to our earlier analogy, if SEO is the apple farm, then digital marketing is like going to the grocery store and purchasing a bag of apples at any time of year.

People are searching for the electrical services your company provides within your target market, and you want to be number 1 for those searches! Having an advertising budget that you expect to scale as your success increases is extremely important.

There are also a handful of secondary metrics that tell a story over time, including keyword quality score (7-10 is best, though the higher the better), search impression share (the percentage of ad impressions received vs. available impressions), and absolute top of page rate (how often your ad is number one in search results).

Our team also provides monthly reporting for Google Ads with insights into each of the above metrics. Below is an example of a Google Ads conversion for a local plumbing company located in Ocala, Florida. Such detailed reporting lets you see the impact of every single advertising dollar and holds our team accountable for your success.

Plumber Keywords for Google Ads
Plumber Google Ads Conversions

There are two types of social media we work with at Searchalytics: paid ads within social media platforms and organic social media posts.

Paid Social Media Metrics

Paid ads within social media platforms often appear as “Sponsored” posts. On Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to see the sponsored tag on a post.

When creating paid social media ads for your electrical business, we’ll work with you to develop messaging that encompasses your voice. We’ll also select or create relevant visuals that users will find useful and interesting. We’ll ensure your ad is optimized for your target audience, whether it’s highlighting an upcoming event, a special discount or something else. For example, your target audience can be users interested in electrical needs, home remodeling, new construction, and other relevant areas. It can also be users who have recently interacted with your social media page or similar pages like yours within a given area and recent history.

Social Ads Metrics and KPIs for Plumbing Companies
Facebook Ads Metrics Reporting for Plumbing Companies

It’s important to note that, while social media tends to provide instant gratification on the user side, this is often not the case on the advertising side so it’s best to run social media ads for at least a few weeks, if not longer. The first week usually consists of a learning period during which Facebook and Instagram compile performance data and learn who to show the ads to. Depending on the budget and if the audience is quite large, the learning period can be longer than a week or it may always be in a state of learning. Once the learning period ends, the ad spend and cost per conversion tends to balance out.

When determining how social media ads perform, our team looks at the number of clicks an ad received, the number of impressions (the number of times the ad was displayed), the reach (the number of users who saw the ad), and the CPA, also known as cost per action. CPA relates to how much of your budget it costs you to get one action (typically a click) on an ad.

Organic Social Media Metrics

Metrics for organic social depend on the overall purpose of the ad. Most posts are aimed at increasing engagement, and for these types of posts we look at the number of reactions (likes, loves, etc.), comments and shares.

Plumbing company facebook post

If we handle your paid and/or organic social media, we’ll report on it. When looking at organic social media, it’s not just about clicks and actions; it’s also important to see where the users who like and follow your business are located and whether they’re in your target market.

Social Media Reporting for Plumbing Companies

As you can see, there’s quite a bit that goes into each KPI we look at, and together they tell a full picture of how your business is performing digitally. Each monthly report ties it all together and ensures we continually drive revenue in the best ways possible. At Searchalytics, we’re in business to create lifelong partnerships, and this report helps hold our team accountable.

Let’s work together to create a strong digital foundation for your business so you can reach your goals.

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