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Published May 5, 2020

Win Local Announces Strategic Merger With Searchalytics, LLC


Ocala, Florida – May 5, 2020 – Today, Win Local, a local digital marketing agency based in Ocala, FL, announced a strategic merger with Searchalytics, LLC.  The merger will put the world-class talent behind the team of Searchalytics to work for the small business owners served by Win Local.  Win local helps business owners who are looking to win more local customers through Google maps optimization, review and reputation management, and web search optimization.

Win Local is a marketing agency dedicated to growing local businesses and helping them win more customers and conquer their local market.  With a series of strategic processes built into their search engine marketing packages, local businesses that invest marketing dollars with Win Local anticipate exponential return over time.

Win Local was founded by Stuart Compton, an entrepreneur of 30 years, who understands the needs of business owners.  In 2017, Compton sold and exited his very successful e-commerce business and turned his attention to helping other business owners succeed.  Along with 20 years of search and digital marketing experience, he also holds a business degree as well as numerous certifications including Certified Value Builder and Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor.

Searchalytics, a national digital advertising management and search engine optimization company, was founded by Brian McElfresh in 2019.  The company helps national brands significantly grow their customer base by utilizing strategic search engine optimization techniques.  Searchalytics also brings a high-efficiency rate to its client’s digital ads, Pay-Per-Click and Google shopping accounts.

McElfresh and Compton have worked together before.  McElfresh forwent college to learn under Compton at the Ocala, FL, based e-commerce company for almost a decade.  Although McElfresh worked in multiple positions as the company grew from a startup, the bulk of his time was spent as the Director of Customer Acquisition.  This position allowed him to lead a talented team in SEO, content creation and digital advertising before leaving in 2019 to start Searchalytics.  McElfresh has been recognized nationally for his digital marketing achievements.

The merger creates one company with two divisions that leverage the best talent and experience in local and national SEO, digital marketing and website development.

By Brian McElfresh
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