In your first month partnering with Searchalytics, you will have received an email with access to the Searchalytics Dashboard. This is a powerful reporting tool that is made MORE powerful by connecting data sources to the Reputation Manager report. We’ll go through the steps to accomplish this below.

Step 1

Go to URL for your report in the Searchalytics Dashboard. The link will have been provided to you in the initial reporting email.

Step 2

Go to Reputation Manager tab, which is marked with a star icon.


Step 3

In the Reputation Manager tab, click Connections on the right-hand side of the screen just above the graph.

Step 4

Enter in the password given to you in the reporting email.

Step 5

Connect your Facebook page & Google My Business listing if they are not already connected.

That’s it! Your Facebook and GMB are now connected and providing data to the Reputation Manager report.

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