Finished setting up your Google My Business account? Well, there’s no stopping there. Google has a great tool for local businesses! It’s called the Marketing Kit for Local Businesses, and it has a host of awesome things you can use to make your business thrive online and in your store.

To start, simply input your business (as long as it’s Google approved) and log into your Google my Business dashboard. Make sure you have all of that information up to date as well.

And then you’re in! Check out all of the cool materials available to you. We’ll go over a few of them in this post.

Right now, the Google My Business portal has a special section for business posters for COVID-19 related changes. These are an easy and quick resource for a troubling time where purchasing full scale posters may not be priority #1 (or in the budget).

Hey, what’s better than free? Nothing! Google will give you a free door sticker encouraging your clientele to interact with your Google My Business listing. Reviews are the highway to increasing traffic and promoting natural growth, so using this free sticker may be a small step, but nevertheless a step, to increasing your online reputation and driving in more business. 

Google also offers a host of business-specific online resources to make your business profile shine! You have access to a suite of social media content and printable content for your in-person customers.

Feeling hopeless on social media? Google has you covered. They have a host of great social media tools available, including customizable posts for a variety of platforms (Twitter, Instagram and even your GMB listing). These are aesthetically pleasing and effective postable pieces of content that will leave a lasting impression with your virtual client base. 

Plus, you can manage your Google My Business info directly from within the kit. It’s the most efficient way to get your information out there!

The Google My Business marketing kit is an amazing tool that is little known amongst small businesses. It makes the seemingly difficult task of “conquering” the Internet easier by offering easy to use and effective tools with the goal of growing your business!

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