Sometimes, in the SEO world, we lose sight of the main goal of small business. We worry about search engine rankings, review volume, listing management and website building so much that we forget that at the end of the day, our goal is to help small businesses do what they love. And a big part of that is customer satisfaction and being able to make a difference in the lives of people who solicit small businesses for assistance. 

And this is where the Searchalytics Customer Voice tool comes in to play! This tool is a great way to get back to the heart of your business and make sure that the customers you serve everyday have a voicable opinion about your company (hence the name!). 

If you haven’t heard of my term the “review market”, then I would recommend checking out any of my Searchalytics reviews articles. We’ve learned that in the current online market, there’s nothing more important than customer reviews. People will overlook negative portions of your business and make purchases if they have access to positive reviews, and there are many (nerdy) SEO studies that directly correlate review volume to revenue production.

Well, what exactly is the Customer Voice service? Customer Voice is a platform that encourages customers to review local businesses. Basically, these reviews are vital, and sometimes it’s important to reach out and verify that you are receiving reviews! The Customer Voice tool is essentially an outreach machine that contacts clients and makes sure to put your reviews where you want them to go.

This is the customer voice performance dashboard – the epicenter for understanding your interactions with customers. With this tool, you go beyond simply reaching out to clients, but get a click-by-click idea of how people are responding to your email and text message outreach. You can monitor when you send out emails, how many people have opened them, and what percentage of people are going further and clicking on your outreach. You can also view new reviews and what they say, as well as program responses for positive reviews and negative reviews based on sentiment feedback technology. 

The Customer Voice tool also includes this special panel, used for creating templates for outreach requests via both email and text messages. You can design templates and make sure that the customer outreach messages reflect the culture and aesthetics of your business. You can edit follow ups and anything to make sure that the entire process is determined by YOU and how you want your customers to interact with your brand. 

Plus, you can vary your medium through which you request your outreach. For businesses that are more professional or online based, email outreach may be effective and enough to generate review leads. However, some businesses have clientele that may more more focused on cell phone usage, and as a result, would benefit more from using a SMS based service. Customer Voice has this option! You can add SMS credits and extensions to your subscription and contact clients on their cell phones – which is a much more direct way to instigate contact with customers.

Using Customer Voice is a great tool and provides the metrics to see how clients interact with you and make sure that you’re getting the reviews that you need to grow your local business. It’s an inexpensive way to make sure that you are using your business’ outreach to its maximum potential!

Get Your Customers Involved

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