How to Manage Listing Propagation

Business listings can make the difference between a business’ online success and failure. They’re a free and effective way to spread information about your business and make your SEO strategy work for you. Search engines are constantly looking for information about businesses, and listings can make the difference in if a search engine has confidence or not in your business and puts it on SERPs (Search engine results pages).

Google My Business’ FREE Marketing Kit for Local Businesses

Finished setting up your Google My Business account? Well, there’s no stopping there. Google has a great tool for local businesses! It’s called the Marketing Kit for Local Businesses, and it has a host of awesome things you can use to make your business thrive online and in your store.

Best Ways to Support a Local Business

The local business scene is the life blood of any city’s economic and cultural scene. But as it is with any business venture, small local businesses have challenges that they must overcome to keep afloat in a business world dominated by a host of magnate companies like Amazon or Facebook. And yet, we tend to look to small business first when we want to solve a problem or need something. So, here are the best things you can do to support your local businesses!

Am I eligible for Google My Business?

Google My Business has quickly turned into the most important place on the Internet for local businesses. The Google My Business listing has become more commonly visited than business’ websites and supplementary listings. This has effectively changed the way in which we do business online, and in the SEO world, it has defined the way we interact with SEO key phrases and listing rankings.

Customer Voice: What It Is and How to Use It

Sometimes, in the SEO world, we lose sight of the main goal of small business. We worry about search engine rankings, review volume, listing management and website building so much that we forget that at the end of the day, our goal is to help small businesses do what they love. And a big part of that is customer satisfaction and being able to make a difference in the lives of people who solicit small businesses for assistance.

Your Personal Local SEO Strategy: What’s Right for You?

Every business is different. No two businesses run identically, and therefore, no two SEO strategies run identically! A local SEO strategy is completely dependent on your industry, your business model, and the amount of money you want to spend on SEO.

Searchalytics’ Social Marketing Tool

As a small business owner, you’re tasked with an insane amount of things to accomplish on a daily basis. Most owners will run a store front, manage employees, try to attract new customers, be in meetings, answer emails, and so much more. It can be exhausting! And as a result, maintaining a social media presence is frequently put on the back burner.

Searchalytics and Listing Builder: The Keys to the Internet Kingdom

One of the ways that people can get the word about their business is something that lots of people don’t even think of when they think “marketing”. It’s their business listing presence, and it is an ever-growing part of your business that needs to be managed and controlled to guarantee that you’re using them to your advantage. Win Local has a tool for you to manage these listings and make them grow! It’s called Listing Builder, and it may be the next big step in growing your online presence!

What is a listing?

While these are both things that are important, one of the biggest ways that businesses gain traction on the internet are through business listings. However, lots of companies do not claim listings or even have knowledge of what a business listing is. Well, worry no more, today we’ll be answering the big question of “what is a listing?” And the answer could be the key to growing your business’ online presence!

What are citations for local businesses?

Ever wondered if there was an official term for “getting your name out there”? Well, in the world of Local SEO, there is! It’s called “citations”, and they’re a key to monitoring how effectively your business is doing in terms of SEO. Citations are a great way to have people find out about your business and can help you rank much higher on search engines.